Communication Redux

Posted by Charles Sampson on 7/5/2017

As modern educational leaders we have communicative tools at our disposal that allow us to flatten the organization, brand our districts and provide outreach to our vast educational communities. Social media, district apps, email, on demand video conferencing have all allowed school and district leaders to expand the Mission of our schools across new mediums and new frontiers. These communication tools allow for greater and timelier communication at scale.

But I’m wondering if I am speaking into an echo chamber at times and actually stifling real dialogue. I have found that social media sometimes allows for the one way flow of information that minimizes accountability, that email is often used as a shield to avoid real conversations and that we spend far too much time engaged in surface conversations rather than deeply engaging our larger school community.

We must be social media savvy to lead school systems today however we have to find the balance to restore personal and individual conversations to our work.

There is no way to fully convey the complexity that goes into educating a child in 2017. We need to spend our time talking to individuals and meeting with small groups. No fancy communication tools needed. If we do not continue to model this behavior, I fear we will spend all of our time communicating without ever listening.