Mental Health Supports for Teens

Being a parent of a teenager during the COVID-19 pandemic has many challenges. The Howell Alliance, with the support of the NJEA FAST grant and Howell High School P.A.T, is proud to present a 6-part virtual workshop series for Freehold Regional parents/guardians on "Mental Health Supports for Teens During COVID-19."
The 30-45 minute virtual workshops include:
• Acknowledging the Loss of Milestones for Parents and Teens
• Identifying Risks of Teen Substance Abuse
• Raising Resilient Teens
• Safe Teen Relationships
• Trusted Adult
• The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Support
For more details and registration information, please view the attached flyer. Please be sure to register in advance by clicking the links on the flyer.
If you or your child needs any assistance or support, please feel free to contact your child's school counselor or the Student Assistance Coordinator.