On TUESDAY 7.28.20, there will be 2graduation ceremonies. Students whose last names begin with A-K will be at 8:30AM (please arrive no earlier than 7:50) Students whose last names begin with L-Z will be at 10:30AM (please arrive no earlier than 10:00)


Please note, to ensure the health and safety of staff and your classmates, no student or guest may attend if they meet the conditions set out by the state of New Jersey travel advisory requiring quarantine, if they have tested positive for COVID-19, if they are experiencing symptoms of illness, or if they have been in close contact with someone who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19. 




General Information:

  1. Based on the RSVPs to our invitation, we can accommodate graduates in 2 ceremonies that will adhere to the state mandated social distance requirements.  
  2. Dates & Times

 (Please note: To ensure our numbers stay within mandated limits as per the RSVPs, rescheduling is not permitted. IDs will be checked.):

On TUESDAY 7.28.20, there will be 2 ceremonies.

  1. Students whose last names begin with A-K will be at 8:30AM (please arrive no earlier than 7:50)
  2. Students whose last names begin with L-Z will be at 10:30AM (please arrive no earlier than 10:00)
  3. Rain Date : Wednesday 7.29.20; same times.
  1. Students are permitted to bring only 2 Parents/Guardians/Guests to the ceremony.
  2. Students and Parents/Guardians/Guests must wear a protective face covering to the ceremony and throughout. The school will NOT provide masks. Once seated in chairs, masks can be removed.
  3. No one will be allowed into the school. Porta-Johns are available.
  4. Graduates MUST arrive dressed in their cap and gown, which they received at an earlier date, as they will not be able to get ready in the parking lot. Students may also bring the Diploma Cover they already received for the photo on the field.
  5. Students must arrive promptly at the stated time; we will be on a strict schedule.
  6. If the Graduates/Parents/Guardians/Guests need handicap accommodations, please call the main office at x4001 by Wednesday 7/22/20. This will be for parking ONLY.  Cars must have a handicap placard/ID.


  1. Students and their Parents/Guardians/Guests must drive together in one car. Cars without a graduate will not be permitted onto school property. There can only be 3 people in a car.  No carpooling!
  2. Vehicles must enter and park in the SENIOR PARKING LOT using the GOLF COURSE (Preventorium Rd.) entrance ONLY.
  3. Graduates and Parents/Guardians/Guests should then walk to the athletic turf stadium, observing social distancing practices, along the back of the school.
  4. Once at the stadium, Graduates and Parents/Guardians/Guests will check-in at the field entrance together. Graduates must have PHOTO ID with them to check in (driver’s license, HHS ID, etc.).
  5. All will then go onto the field and fill in all seats starting at the FRONT (First row facing the HOME stands).  Everyone will have a seat on the field. Seats are grouped together in sets of 3 with at least 6 feet separating all sets of 3 seats.  The graduate and his/her guests will sit together on the field throughout the ceremony.

    Modified Ceremony:

    1. Pledge to the Flag
    2. Braverman will give a short address and certify the class.
    3. Speeches
    4. Chern will then call the name of each graduate to come up to the podium area and receive a commemorative HHS pin—please follow the cones to keep socially distanced from each other.
    5. Graduates will then proceed to the step and repeat backdrop, where our photographer will take a picture of the graduates BRING YOUR DIPLOMA COVER UP WITH YOU IF YOU LIKE FOR THIS PHOTO. Graduates will then return to their seats. A link will be sent out few days after the ceremony so parents can look for/purchase the pictures.
    6. Changing of the tassel.
    7. Live Stream: For those unable to attend the ceremony in person, there will be a live stream of the ceremony available on a YouTube at link TBD and/or on Twitter Live @posthhs


    1. After the ceremony, we will dismiss by rows. We ask that Graduates and Parents/Guardians/Guests immediately leave the field, return to their cars, and exit the campus quickly so we can set up for the next ceremony
    2. Exit the lot using EITHER the Golf Course exit or the Squankum- Yellowbrook exit from the senior lot.