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MNHS Cybersecurity Club Presenting Online Workshop

The Cybersecurity Club of Manalapan High School will be facilitating an online presentation, SafeNet: Mastering Cybersecurity Basics, through the Monmouth County Library System to the local community. 

This workshop aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to stay safe and secure in the digital world. As technology becomes an integral part of daily life, all of us must understand and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks. This workshop is designed to be beginner-friendly, fostering a supportive learning environment for participants to grasp fundamental concepts and practical tips for online safety.

Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity: Understand the importance of cybersecurity, browsing the web safely, and protecting personal information
  • Password Management: Create strong passwords and maintain good password hygiene
  • Common Internet Threats: Recognize and avoid malware and social engineering
  • Internet Scams and Fraud: Recognize internet and phone scams, protect your identity, and shop online safely
  • Social Media Safety: Understand the importance of good social media etiquette and utilization of privacy settings

The presentation will take place via Zoom on February 21st, 10:30 -11:45 am. Participants must register ahead of time via the Monmouth County Library

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