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MNHS Music Department Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

As part of the National Hispanic Heritage Month, the music department at Manalapan High School had a unique lesson for students across the district, which had them on their feet. 

During the program on October 4th, percussion students from across the Freehold Regional received a master class on Latin percussion techniques, concentrating on the conga from Grammy award-winning artist Willy Torres. Mr. Torres demonstrated ways to create the familiar conga beats and soon had the auditorium filled with music. 

Following this special lesson, members of the Willy Torres Orchestra provided an instructional concert for the music students and Manalapan's Spanish classes. The larger assembly focused on salsa music with a brief introduction to the history of salsa music, as well as Spanish culture and language.

The group of award-winning artists who provided lessons and music for the students included:

Willy Torres - congas/lead vocals 
Arturo Ortiz - piano
Wilson Andujar - bass
Carlos Orduz - Bari Sax
Anibal Martinez - trumpet
Angel Bones - backup vocals
Moroquito Avila - timbales
and Manalapan music teacher Jose Maunez - trombone.