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Medical Investigator Speaks with LEPs Students

Tara Briley speaks to studentsJuniors in the Law Enforcement & Public Safety Magnet Program at Manalapan High School received firsthand career information from a medical examiner.

On April 19th, Tara Briley of the Middlesex Regional Medical Examiner's Office visited the group to discuss her position as a Medical Investigator. She described what it's like when she is called to a scene and detailed the different items an investigator looks for when examining a body. Ms. Briley also clarified the differences between what happens in real life and what is often seen on television shows. After detailing her educational background, Ms. Briley suggested that students interested in a career as a medical examiner should include science-related studies in the course selections. The students were actively engaged in this presentation, which provided them with real-world career exploration.