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LEPS Students Learn from Guest Speakers

How does the forensics team collect critical evidence at a crime scene? How do detectives then go about determining what happened at a crime scene? Students in the Law Enforcement & Public Safety Magnet Program recently heard first-hand accounts of how this work is handled.

Guest speakers from the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office visited Manalapan High School on February 8, 2022, to discuss their jobs. 

Detective Thomas Manzo Jr. from the Major Crimes Bureau gave an overview of what being a detective entails. He discussed how detectives gather information from a crime scene and follow leads. Detective Manzo also explained how viral ties to the local community are when solving a crime. 

Following Detective Manzo's presentation, Crime Scene Investigator Grace Marotta spoke to the group about the field of forensics. She explained how crucial it is to maintain a crime scene so that the forensics investigator can collect critical evidence. Ms. Marotta detailed the steps to mark and log evidence and accurately document crime scenes. 

Students were engaged in both presentations, asking several questions regarding their occupations and the background of how the presenters made their way to their respective fields.