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FREA Sends a Special Message to Students with Billboards

If you’re out driving along Route 9 and Route 79 make sure you take a look at the billboards alongside the road. 

The Freehold Regional Education Association (FREA) has purchased three billboards to send a special message to students of the Freehold Regional High School District. The group was able to purchase the billboards thanks to a grant program through the New Jersey Education Association. 

The signs will appear at the following intersections:

Route 9 by Schibanoff Road
Route 9 by Strickland Road
Route 79 by Ryan Road 

“With the Class of 2020 missing out on so much of their senior year, we wanted to congratulate them in an extra special way. We also wanted all students across the district to know how much we love and miss them. We cannot wait until we are back in the classroom with them again,” Sarah Reichenbecher, President of FREA said. 

Billboard to students