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FTHS & MNHS Students Continue Support for Building Schools in Honduras

The Students Helping Honduras chapters at both Freehold Township and Manalapan High Schools have been recognized for their support of the organization’s mission.

Students Helping Honduras is a national organization who through education helps to empower kids that live in an area of poverty and violence. They build schools and train citizens to work and help build their own communities.

The two schools have managed to raise over $3,500 each year that goes towards the costs of construction to bring access to public education in rural communities across Honduras, according to a letter from the director of volunteer programming with Students Helping Honduras. The students are motivated and driven to organize numerous fundraisers in their communities that make this work possible. Each summer, a group of over 25 students travels to the country to witness first hand where the dollars they have fundraised go. 

The letter noted that the fundraising and recruitment efforts of both schools surpass what college/university chapters are accomplishing. 

“It is beyond inspiring to see students in high school taking leadership and responsibility for social change. Freehold and Manalapan are creating our future leaders in this world, and we are lucky to have the privilege to work with these students,” the letter concluded.

Students Helping Honduras

Students Helping Honduras