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FRHSD Choir Festival Brings Students Together in Perfect Harmony

Altos, tenors, basses and sopranos from each high school in the Freehold Regional High School District came together in perfect harmony during the district’s first choir festival.

Guest conductor Paul Caliendo worked with the group on the day of the festival where they performed a piece titled, “Heather’s World.” The song was of particular significance to Mr. Caliendo and Howell High School Choir Director Regina McAllen. It was written in memory of a former student of both his and Mrs. McAllen’s from Point Pleasant who had passed away shortly after her graduation in 2008. The lyrics were written by Mr. Caliendo and Heather’s mother, while the music was prepared by John Caliendo.

Mrs. McAllen said, “when thinking about what piece to sing with all the different high schools, we wanted something original and unique, that no one had already done.” “Heather’s World” came to mind and the students all embraced the song and its meaning. Mr. Caliendo hopes to have the piece published soon.