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MNHS Alumni Return to Speak with Upperclassmen

Manalapan High School welcomed graduates back during Alumni Day on December 21st. The group was invited to speak with upperclassmen about life after high school, including their college and career experiences.

Students broke out into groups with the alumni and were able to ask questions to help guide their plans for the future. The graduates provided tips for finding the right fit when looking at colleges, including ensuring they feel comfortable with the size of the university. They encouraged students to not count out a particular school if the student’s GPA was a few points shy of the school’s target. One woman noted that she applied anyway and was still accepted into her dream program. Some spoke about the disappointment of being waitlisted at their top school choice. While it’s discouraging in the moment, ultimately it happens for a reason, an alum told students, noting that she now knows her current school is where she was meant to be.

Current Manalapan student-athletes had questions about selecting the right school and team for their college career. Graduates advised them to meet the current team members during college tours and see if they felt like they could fit in with the group.

As the conversations continued it was clear that the current Manalapan students received some valuable information to help plan for life after high school.