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Honoring Those Who Have Served

Veterans spoke to students at Manalapan High School
On Monday, November 7, Manalapan High School students attended Veterans Day Assemblies to learn about and honor Veterans who served our country and protected our freedom. The students listened to, watched presentations from, and interacted with Veterans from World War II, Vietnam, and the Iraq War. Veterans Chuck Welsh and Jon Krug emphasized the importance of creating a life plan and being resilient when obstacles in life occur. Mr. Welsh commented that “life teaches us certain things that may be difficult and we can overcome them.” With an informal yet personal recollection of events from times of war, the assembly provided the students with an appreciation for those who risked their lives for our great nation. (Written by Victoria Giardina, Manalapan High School Class of 2018).
Students also heard from Zach Roberts and Ben Stewart, both World War II veterans. Mr. Roberts spoke about his time as a prisoner of war, the hardships that he overcame, and the unlikely friendship that developed between himself and his guard’s family. Mr. Stewart spoke about his time in Morocco and Italy.

After his experience as a prisoner, Mr. Roberts told students to never underestimate their freedom and to never let anyone take it away.

Students quickly lined up to thank the veterans for their service at the end of the presentations.