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CNHS Sophomore Aids in Passage of Bipartisan Legislation

Katie MirneAs chairwoman of the New Jersey High School Republicans, Colts Neck High School's Katie Mirne testified in collaboration with the New Jersey High School Democrats, in the New Jersey State Assembly on a Bipartisan Youth Civic Engagement Bill.  

The "Involve Our Youth Act," grants students one excused absence to attend a civic event. The sophomore's hard work on this effort paid off as the bill was signed into law by Governor Murphy on January 16th. Katie was one of the youngest people ever to assist in passing a law. 

The law permits each public school student from grades 6 through 12 to have one State-excused absence per school year for a civic event. These State-excused absences can only be applied to an event sponsored by a government entity, a community-based organization, or a nonprofit. The civic event must incorporate an element of service learning and address a public issue or concern.

This legislation had bipartisan support and contributed to expanding civic engagement and empowering New Jersey’s youth. 

To apply the excused absence, parents or guardians of the student must provide a signed written notice at least five school days prior, as well as relevant documentation proving the event meets all established requirements. School districts may choose to allot additional excused absences for these same purposes.

“By encouraging students to be more active members in their communities, we are in turn creating a more informed and involved generation of citizens,” Katie said. “At the end of the day, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you should 100% fight for the future you want to see.”

Katie's work on this legislation has been showcased on several different websites including Governor Murphy's officeNew Jersey Globe, and Insider NJ