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Rutgers University Students Discuss Financial Literacy Topics with CNHS Students

Students in Cindy Bravaco's Financial Literacy class have benefited from a partnership with the Schiffer Family Financial Literacy Program. Throughout the school year, students from Rutgers University have visited Colts Neck High School to discuss financial literacy topics.

The Schiffer Family Financial Literacy Program began in 2019 when Edwin Schiffer made a generous donation to Rutgers University with the purpose of promoting financial literacy education at Rutgers and across New Jersey. Mr. Schiffer is an alum of Rutgers where he took a financial literacy class that he said changed the trajectory of his life in terms of financial freedom. He believes that, regardless of your profession or background, financial literacy is a tool that anyone can use to improve their quality of life. 

Mr. Schiffer initially partnered with Ron Richter, a Professor of Professional Practice in Finance and Economics at the Rutgers Business School, to help execute his vision. While the Covid-19 pandemic stalled the program's progress, in 2021, Rutgers student and Finance Major, Reece Horneck, took a stake in the organization. Reece met Mr. Richter through one of his business classes and approached him with the idea of spreading financial literacy to local high schools in New Jersey. 

Reece recruited two other qualified students at the Rutgers Business School, Marc Takla, and Anisha Chakraborty, to help with lesson planning, outreach, and presenting to various high schools. 

This spring semester is the first time the organization has taught at local high schools, including Colts Neck, South Brunswick, and Hanover Park. 

The Schiffer Family Financial Literacy program hopes to increase its educational presence going forward by presenting at high school's across the state with a large variety of lesson plans that teachers can choose from to enhance learning in the classroom.