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CNHS Students Host Their Own Presidential Debates

Students hosted their own presidential debates While many students are too young to vote in this year’s presidential election, they are still weighing in on the topics that have been discussed along with it.

At Colts Neck High School students in AP U.S. Government & Politics and in the Law and Public Service Learning Center hosted debates on topics that have been in the news recently, including gun control, income inequality, healthcare, the war on terror, Syrian refugees, and policing in America.

The debates were presented in three different formats: JSA style, Town Hall style, and the Socratic Method. Student presenters were well researched on their topics and were able to quickly respond to some tough questions posed by their peers or teachers. Teachers and seniors acted as moderators during the debates.

Additionally, the AP U.S. Government & Politics classes were coordinating a school-wide election through Social Studies classes. The debates and follow-up school-wide election gave the students a feel for democracy in action.

The Law and Public Service Learning Center is a rigorous program geared toward highly motivated students with demonstrated interests and abilities in history, politics, government, law, volunteerism and leadership. Skills targeted for development include: problem-solving, critical thinking, reading, and writing, oral communication, research, and organization. The values of citizenship, justice, and service serve as the foundation for academic study. Students study history as it relates to the development of the United States and the evolution of world societies and governments. Students explore political thought, ethical philosophy, and leadership theory. Special attention is given to New Jersey history and civic affairs. Skills and knowledge are enhanced by active experiences in volunteerism and public service on the school, local, state and national levels. Career opportunities are explored during externships in government offices, volunteer agencies and law-related institutions.