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April 15 - COVID-19 Update to the Community

April 15, 2020


Dear FRHSD Parents/Guardians/Students, 

Thank you for your support during these past few weeks as we all work together during these unprecedented times.  Spring Break is coming to an end and the state is still under Executive Order 104 to continue remote learning. We await further guidance from the Governor regarding the status of reopening schools. At this time a long term school closure makes it necessary to continue remote learning into Marking Period 4, which begins on April 16. 

FRHSD will continue to prioritize flexibility for our families while ensuring our students face no educational harm during this extended closure. Our focus continues to be assisting our students in engaging in valuable learning experiences. Teachers will continue to record grades for assignments and assessments as an academic record to inform instruction and student progress, but not to calculate the final Marking Period grade.  Marking Period 4 grades will be determined per the guidelines below. These guidelines assume a long term closure and may be revisited.

  • Students who actively engage in learning by completing and submitting the majority of assignments and responding to teacher feedback will receive an A for Marking Period 4.  Any students with an average of an A+ in Marking Periods 1, 2, and 3 can earn an A+ for Marking Period 4. In addition, students whose Marking Period 4 grades calculate to an A+, will receive an A+, regardless of the average in the prior marking periods.  
  • Students who do not actively engage in learning by not completing and submitting the majority of assignments and not responding to teacher feedback will receive a D for Marking Period 4.   
  • Students who are unable to actively engage in learning and are unable to complete and submit the majority of assignments by the end of the marking period due to extenuating circumstances shall communicate in writing with their teachers. Where appropriate and with approval, an incomplete (I) will be assigned with the opportunity to make up work at a later date as determined by the department supervisor and principal.

I know our seniors and their families are concerned about the possible cancellation of various milestone activities that shape the senior year. We are exploring alternatives so that our seniors can still be celebrated even if a prolonged school closure results in the cancellation of the original events.  We will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.

We are here for you.


Warmest regards,

Dr. Charles Sampson

Superintendent of Schools