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March 10th - COVID-19 Update to the Community

March 10, 2020

Dear FRHSD Parents/Guardians,

The Freehold Regional High School District is continuing to consult with state and local officials from the New Jersey Department of Health and the New Jersey Department of Education regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its possible impact on student education.  In accordance with their guidance, we are continuing to deep clean and disinfect our facilities on a regular basis while our staff prepares for the possibility of remote learning. Our focus is currently on prevention and we do not want to promote fear and unnecessary anxiety, but want to continue to maintain open lines of communication with our school community. 

The Commissioner of Education, with permission from Governor Murphy, announced that schools will be able to utilize remote learning ONLY in the event the Board of Health directs us to close due to a COVID-19 outbreak (Guidance Regarding Requirements for Public Health-Related School Closure). Students in all FRHSD schools will be asked to take a Technology Access Survey in school no later than Friday, March 13 so that we can make accommodations for all students. 

Our school calendar has three days built into it for inclement weather and other emergencies. In the event of an extended closure, we will first utilize those three emergency days followed by days from our Spring Break as indicated on the Board approved District calendar. Should we need to exercise remote learning days, the District is fully prepared to move forward with its plan. 

If schools remain open until Spring Break, then the current District calendar remains in effect and Spring Break will commence Thursday, April 9 through Friday, April 17, 2020. Any changes to the calendar beyond that date will be communicated at that time. 

Please continue to follow the safe practices and prevention guidelines as outlined by the New Jersey Department of Health or The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

  • Do not send students to school if they are sick; those with a fever should remain at home until they are “fever free” for a minimum of 24 hours. 
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes, nose, and face.
  • Do not share food or drinks.
  • Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you experience symptoms. 

Thank you for your assistance as we strive to maintain the best possible continuity of education while prioritizing the safety and well-being of our school community.


Dr. Charles B. Sampson

Superintendent of Schools