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HHS Peer Leaders Host FearlesslyGirl Summit for Younger Students

On November 18, 2019, the Howell High School Peer Leaders welcomed Kate Whitfield, founder of FearlesslyGirl, and hosted a summit for some of the school’s 9th-grade students, as well as 8th graders from Howell Middle Schools North and South.

Founded in 2011, FearlesslyGirl is an internationally recognized organization that, through innovative school assembly programs, classroom curriculum, and on-campus clubs, inspires confidence and empowers young women to be kinder to themselves and each other.  This session provided students with opportunities to collaborate and have conversations that breakthrough barriers and empower young women.

The morning session included training for Howell’s Peer Leaders. Following the morning session, the Peer Leaders then engaged the 8th and 9th graders in a number of activities.

"This summit was fantastic! It was extremely fun and life-changing because it really showed me not to be afraid of who I am as a person. This was amazing!" one participant said.

Another participant said, "It allowed me to talk about my problems with other girls like me." 

The FearlesslyGirl program will serve as an extension of the Howell High School Peer Leadership program.  It will continue providing opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, empower young women, and provide strategies to defuse conflicts and situations of bullying.  The FearlesslyGirl at Howell High School was funded by a grant that FearlesslyGirl received from Howell High School Alumni, Bonnie Bernstein. Bonnie Bernstein is recognized by the American Sportscasters Association as one of the most accomplished female journalists in her field.

Howell's Peer Leaders during the FearlesslyGirl Summit