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FTHS Awarded Model Classroom Grant from the OceanFirst Foundation

Representatives of the OceanFirst Foundation present the grant award to administrators Freehold Township High School has been awarded a $10,000 Model Classroom Grant from the OceanFirst Foundation.

The goal of the Model Classroom Grant Program is to support bold and innovative schools that have the vision, creativity and desire to develop model classrooms for learning. The grants support schools that are committed to creating and promoting a culture of academic excellence, improving and enhancing classroom instruction and want to embrace new technology, tools and training that adds value to the learning experience and helps improve student achievement.

Freehold Township High School will transform a traditional classroom into a project-based learning environment in which students are empowered to develop significant collaborative and communication skills leading to increased student engagement and academic achievement. Teachers will be able to reserve the “Think Tank” to support project-based learning, with students participating in active learning experiences that bridge all disciplines of study. Through project-based learning, staff will support students in developing a deeper understanding of content, improving the skills necessary for collaborative learning, and applying knowledge and skills within college and career settings. Through the support of OceanFirst Foundation, the school will purchase interactive technology tools to equip the classroom for 21st century learning.

“I am thankful to both the OceanFirst Foundation for awarding us this grant and to Dr. David Bleakley, Assistant Principal, for his work preparing the grant application. The financial award will a go long way towards providing technology resources for our new innovative, collaborative ‘Think Tank’ space,” Freehold Township High School Principal Elizabeth Higley said.

Representatives from the OceanFirst Foundation attended the Board of Education's December 19th meeting to present the grant award.

Founded in 1996, OceanFirst Foundation is the first foundation in the nation to be established by a bank as part of an initial public offering. Celebrating its 18th anniversary, the Foundation has contributed more than $25 million to more than 600 local charities and schools in Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex counties since its inception. OceanFirst Foundation’s four priorities include Housing, Health and Wellness, Improving the Quality of Life, and Youth Development.