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LEPS Students Take Part in Water Safety Classes

Students in the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Magnet Program (LEPS) had a new opportunity this school year which allowed them to undertake water safety courses. 

Michelle Lilley, program supervisor, said that last year in a meeting with officials from the Police Academy it was revealed that a new requirement of recruits is to have water safety instruction as part of the academy certification program. She contacted the Freehold Family YMCA to see if a partnership could be formed to provide lifeguard skills to students. 

This spring, LEPS students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade had the opportunity to participate. Those who chose to take the course completed three days of training in addition to a 7-hour online course. An exam was administered to participants and those who pass will be able to get a job this summer (or at college) as a paid lifeguard. For the underclassmen, this opens opportunities for their Work Based Learning assignment, and it gives those who wish to attend the Police Academy an advantage since they will already be certified in this area.