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FRHSD Hackathon Showcases Students' Skills

The FRHSD Hackathon HackFRee 2024 was held at Manalapan High School on January 13th and 14th. This annual event is filled with learning, collaboration, and fun.  

The overnight event had students using new-to-them technologies and programming languages to create websites, models, apps, and games. Eight student teams received the Hack of Distinction Award and three teams received special Major League Hacking Awards. 

There were 195 students from across the Freehold Regional High School District who attended workshops and mini-events and created projects. Out of those 195 students, 57 of them were new to programming and six students were from a multilingual program. Out of the 25 workshops and mini-events, 20 were facilitated by students, including students representing various extracurricular clubs. 

One student reported, "Overall, the hackathon environment was stimulating, enhancing my coding skills and providing valuable insights into real-world applications of technology. I look forward to future hackathons, and I'm grateful to the organizers and sponsors for making this learning opportunity possible."


The Winning Projects:


Dyslexia and ADHD Helper by ReadEase Pro

Aryanna Cetrulo, Manalapan High School

  • Hack of Distinction
  • Best DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Hack sponsored by Fidelity Investments

A web app that copies and pastes text in a regular font to a font easily readable for those who have dyslexia and ADHD. 


Second Chance

Kaushik Sannidhi and Ori Zagur, Freehold High School

Second Chance is a platform that connects people who have items they no longer need with those who can make use of them. 

  • Hack of Distinction
  • Best Use of MongoDB Atlas


Produce Pals

Grace Nealon, Leila Shaw, J.C., Callie Butash, Manalapan High School

  • Hack of Distinction - Beginner Hack

Produce Pals serves local farms that provide fresh, healthy foods for consumers' diets and help them to stay in business. It will help family-owned stores and markets that have existed for generations to keep up with the competitive market in the modern economy. Once joining, farmers will be able to search for other local farm locations, and their hours, with access to some contact information. 



Vihaan Sondhi, David Schell, Armaan Malhotra, Rehan Mughal, Colts Neck High School

  • Hack of Distinction

We were inspired by the ESG initiative and the YEFA organization which use community networks and impact investing models to positively impact climate change. Our web application, SustainSphere, is a social networking app for climate change-makers to connect. Professors, schools, nonprofits, eco startups, and students can create profiles with pages and post opportunities for collaboration with images and text.



Dia Avalur, S.Y., Nitika Kishore, Anika Tokala, Manalapan High School

  • Hack of Distinction

Inspired by a commitment to reduce carbon emissions and create a sustainable future. Users will use a mobile application linked to Apple Health designed to monitor how many miles they travel each week, which will then generate a score on a scale of 100. Users should aim for a lower score, which would mean a lower amount of miles traveled. For instance, an individual scoring 82 due to extensive travel will receive just 18 points, contributing to reduced prices for public transportation services such as NJ Transit and EZ-Pass. However, people with minimal travel, say with a score of 11, will be awarded 89 points, resulting in cheaper economical public transport fares. The primary objective is to promote widespread carpooling, thereby mitigating carbon and gas emissions and overall environmental pollution.


Snap Chef

Krish Shah, Krish Patel, Ryan Edwards, Saketh Ayyagari, Manalapan High School

  • Hack of Distinction
  • Best Use of Taipy

Food waste is a major issue in the world today. Nearly 1/3 of food in the United States is wasted. The goal of this project is to decrease the rate of food wastage. Users can choose from our AI-trained chefs to generate conservative or experimental recipes. Users can try out sample sets of ingredients for different cuisines such as Indian, Italian, and Turkish. Users can also manually input their ingredients or take a picture of the ingredients.


AI Conversation Game by LunarOwl

Pooja Thaker, Manalapan High School

  • Hack of Distinction

The AI Conversation Game involves interacting with a non-player character (NPC) through spoken or typed communication. In this game, a potential conflict is introduced, and players can use either a microphone or typing to engage with the NPC. The goal is to develop the game further to make sure players will be able to negotiate, persuade, or make decisions that impact the course of the game based on their interactions with the AI. 



Bias Identification Service by Immovable Objects

Melvin Franklin, Raymond Yung, Freehold High School

  • Hack of Distinction

The amount of political bias present in current forms of news reporting and social media can easily trap unsuspecting readers into echo chambers constructed of misrepresentations of the truth. This AI-powered Chrome extension identifies the bias present in a tweet and provides a neutral, unbiased summary of the topic while also representing opposing viewpoints in a user interface embedded within Twitter itself.