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HPPP Students Complete Summer Internship

Eleven students were accepted from the Health Professions Pathway Programs at Manalapan High School and Freehold High School to participate in a week-long Health Professions Pathway Program Summer Internship Program hosted by Applewood. This was the first year of this program. The goal of the internship was for students to explore the healthcare field by having an authentic experience with professionals within the healthcare industry. During their internship experience, students learned about Healthcare Dietary Needs; Skilled Nursing Healthcare; Assisted Living; Memory Care and Dementia; Clinical Services; the Activity Department; Therapy Services; Building Services; Environmental Services; and Marketing and Sales. This opportunity enabled students to connect what they were learning in school to the real world by interacting with health professionals in their community while also developing their own career goals and interests.

Some of the students who participated in the internship