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MNHS Senior Selected to Present 3 Scientific Projects at 4 International Research Conferences

Pranav Manikonda with presentation slidesPranav Manikonda, a senior at Manalapan High School, was the only high school student selected as a research intern at the Game-based Virtual Reality-Enabled Advanced Manufacturing Lab at Clemson University last year.

As part of this internship, Pranav was involved in a $5 Million collaborative project with Ph.D. researchers and professors from Clemson University, MIT, and the University of Arizona. This project was funded by the US Office of Naval Research. Pranav aided in developing an online platform aimed towards the facilitation of learning the fiber optic manufacturing process through VR.

Pranav co-authored a presentation titled: "Barriers and Facilitators to Learning the Fiber Preform Manufacturing Process Using Virtual Reality Simulation" presented at the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) Annual Conference & Expo in Seattle, WA.

Additionally, Pranav worked on two independent research projects and is among the few high school students selected to present his work at undergraduate conferences nationwide.

Project titles:

  1. “Melanoma Detection and Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithms” 
  1. “Analyzing the Thermal Capturing Properties and Performance of Phase Change Materials in Automobile Roofs for Interior Temperature Regulation” 

Accepted for talk/poster presentation at:

  1. The 9th Asian Undergraduate Research Symposium - Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Center
  2. IEEE Massachusetts Institute of Technology Undergraduate Research Technology Conference - MIT
  3. The National Collegiate Research Conference - Harvard University

His projects are also currently being reviewed at:

  1. Yale Intercollegiate Symposium - Yale University
  2. Stanford Research Conference - Stanford University

These conferences allow students from universities and laboratories worldwide to meet, discuss and develop solutions to advance technology for humanity. Pranav will have the opportunity to interact with world-class professors, leading industry experts, and researchers. 

Pranav is honored to receive these recognitions and expressed thanks to his teachers for providing him with the knowledge necessary for developing his projects!