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FRHSD Hackathon Returns

On Saturday, January 14, 2023, 222 students from across the Freehold Regional High School District tested their computer programming skills when the district's annual Hackathon returned. HackFRee is a 24-hour hackathon where teams of students work towards creating a project using programming or electronics. Hackathons are an interactive way to increase a student’s coding knowledge. This fantastic event came to fruition thanks to a partnership with Major League Hacking and Dell/Windows. Sponsors of the hackathon included Commvault; Freehold Regional Education Association; Collemi Consulting & Advisory Services, LLC; GitHub; Titan Technologies; Wegmans; echo3D; LS Contractors; Axure RP; StandOut Stickers; Wolfram Language; All Smiles Dental Center; and StickerGiant.

For 24 hours, students followed a schedule that included workshops and hands-on demonstrations. At the end of the event, the students turned in their completed projects for judging. This year’s winners are:

Beginner Hack Award 

Plant Gizmo 

Plant app that will change your life

Created by Vanessa Chan, Saachi Rohilla, Aleena Mustafa, and Cynthia Pang

Plant Gizmo is a user-friendly application that helps planters obtain all necessary information so that they can get planting as soon and accurately as possible. Plant Gizmo will also notify users when their plant needs to be watered, repotted, or put in sunlight. 



Detect Mutations in DNA Sequences

Created by Matthew Kouveliotes, Matthew Hiro, Nathaniel Atzbi, and Edmund Lee

This project is designed to read and interpret strings of DNA and locate any mutations.


Hack of Distinction


Security for Everyone

Created by Daniel Cacioppo, Simon Kowerski, Aidan Denham, and Serene Siu

Rang aims to make security accessible to everyone. The mission is to help make information available and accessible to everyone while doing so at an affordable price.


Living Simulator

Simulate your life and get feedback

Created by Joshua Ezer, Shiven Pandya, William Hon, and Gabriel MonteLeon

A choose-your-own-adventure game that will show you how your actions can add up. The game has branching paths and hidden values to show how your actions affect you.


Nook to Nest

Nook to Nest: Safe Shelter, no matter the weather

Created by Sagarika Yagnyeshwaran, Jophy Lin, Dia Avalur, and Kriti Malhotra

Nook to Nest provides displaced people with a map, showing the nearby locations of shelters in which they can stay. It also features a chat box, in which displaced people can find resources and get assistance.



All in one connection to popular Manalapan High School products/applications

Created by Krish Patel, Saketh Ayyagari, Krish Shah, and Ryan Edwards

MAPalapan is a project where students can access school resources, such as the school store, the school calendar, etc. The school store allows students to reserve their goods online for pickup the next day. In addition, students will have access to a calendar with important events, such as school cancellations, final exams, AP exams, etc.


Daliant Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension aids in time management

Created by Kaushik Sannidhi, Melvin Franklin, B.G., and Raymond Yung

Many people have trouble managing their time and limiting themselves to certain websites. This google extension is a time management tool to keep the user on task. The user can limit the time spent on each task and the preferences are saved to the user's account, which could be created on our Wix website. 


Medical Information Database for Hospitals

Medical information database of patients that hospitals can use to record and track information about patients. This system will have connectivity with an AI diagnosis system

Created by Brandon Bachleda, Jacob Sze, and Ryan Lum

This full-stack database allows doctors, nurses, patients, and hospital staff to input, organize, and retrieve information about patients that would be vital to their proper care.