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Superintendent Charles B. Sampson to Take Part in Restart & Reimagine Panel

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Charles B. Sampson will take part in the upcoming panel series, Restart & Reimagine.

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for a much-needed evolution in K-12 education, according to Restart & Reimagine. The impact will be long-lasting, and educators need to think beyond the immediate challenges facing K-12 education. Restart & Reimagine brings together educational leaders to discuss what lies beyond the horizon and to plan for what is still to come.

On October 28, Dr. Sampson will participate in the discussion, “Driving K-12 Success: Influence of Local Politics & Community Partnerships.” According to the panel description, local communities play a significant role in how individual districts have tackled the K-12 disruption caused by COVID-19, impacting how schools are held accountable and how partnerships can lead to innovative solutions to the hard problems of education. Educational leaders will discuss the role of local communities and partnerships, how we can measure success in this new environment of blended learning, and how we can leverage partnerships to drive modernization.

“I am excited to take part in this national conversation about how to advance education in the United States in the wake of COVID-19. We are extremely fortunate to have so many accomplished educators in this country who want to collaborate and share ideas for the benefit of all students,” Dr. Sampson said.