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MRHS Model Government Takes Home Top Honors

Marlboro High School’s Model Government team participated in a four-day government simulation with high schools across New Jersey and the tri-state area. Thirty-six students participated in Congressional and Senatorial committees, the Supreme Court, lobbying groups and current and historical cabinet “situation rooms.” For the third consecutive year, Marlboro High School’s delegation was recognized as one of the top performers with the “Best School Delegation” honor. Marlboro has now won the top honor in four out of the last five years.

The most competitive schools attending the conference have dedicated classes to prepare their students for the conference.  Marlboro’s students met at 7:15 am on a weekly basis since September to practice in order to compete against these schools. In order for a school delegation to win, each delegate is evaluated based on a number of factors including but not limited to speaking and writing skills, forging diplomatic relations with others and influencing the direction and scope of discussion in a meaningful way.    

In addition to the top honor for the group, Marlboro’s delegation had individual award winners including:

Outstanding Delegate in an Advanced Committee (2nd Place honor in the most competitive committee—the second highest honor of the conference): 

1.      Oscar Ozbay—12th Grade

2.      Preanka Pillai—12th Grade


Best Delegate in Committee (highest individual honor in a regular committee—committees): 

1.      Nick Lugo—12th Grade

2.      Cristian Fernandez—11th Grade

3.      Daniel Dreizin—10th Grade

4.      Matthew Friedman—9th Grade


Outstanding Delegate in Committee (2nd place individual honor in a regular committee): 

1.      Aditiya Prasad—12th Grade

2.      Nivant Desai—11th Grade

3.      Angelina Sanchez—10th Grade

4.      Adam Bandler—10th Grade


Distinguished Delegate in Committee (3rd place individual honor in a regular committee): 

1.      Kripa Sridhar—11th Grade


Most Improved:

1.      Mahadhi Balaji—11th Grade

2.      DJ Mattos—12th Grade

3.      Paul Cappuzzo—12th Grade (Advanced Committee)                        


Best Position Paper

1.      Sanjay Gotur—12th Grade (Advanced Committee)

2.      Kate Messinger—12th Grade

3.      Allison Ringel—11th Grade  


The team was made up of the following students: 

Arianaz Akbarzadehgan

Geoffrey Alintoff

Kathyiani Arun

Mahadhi Balaji

Adam Bandler

Paul Cappuzzo

Justin Chen

Insha Chhabra

Ryan Corbin

Nivant Desai

Danielle Dominguez

Daniel Dreizin

Cristian Fernandez

Alexa Friedman

Matthew Friedman

Sanjay Gotur

Sanskriti Gupta

Rishab Jituri

Jessica Kipnis

Nick Lugo

Darren Mattos

Kate Messinger

Aayushi Naik

Oscar Ozbay

Jil Patel

Preanka Pillai

Aditiya Prasad

Alison Ringel

Marium Rizv

Angelina Sanchez

Nidhish Sharma

Kripa Sridhar

Rahul Trivedi

Jerry Vakshlyak

Simone Volman

Katelyn Yin

Marlboro's Model Government Delegation