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Letter to the Community

** Below is a letter to the community from Superintendent Charles Sampson regarding the S2 legislation. Please visit the Advocating for our Students website for more information including how to contact your local state representatives.**

Dear Freehold Regional High School District Community,

The State of New Jersey has adopted a plan to reduce the district’s state funding by 50% over several years. In essence, Senate Bill 2 (S2) reflects the state’s belief that the taxpayers of the Freehold Regional High School District are undertaxed by nearly $20 million, and that the state will no longer subsidize communities who are not paying their “Local Fair Share” – an arbitrary calculation that we will continue to challenge. Even if tax levy increases were maximized under the state imposed cap, S2 will generate annual budget deficits that will require meaningful cuts to the programs and services that have distinguished this district in the State of New Jersey.

The impact of a revenue loss of this magnitude cannot be overstated. Over the next several years, programs and services in the areas of student supports, academic offerings, athletic and extracurricular opportunities, bussing, as well as progress towards targeted refinements outlined in our strategic plan, will all be markedly diminished. Importantly, the Freehold Regional High School District has served as a model of efficiency for years with per-pupil costs thousands of dollars below the state average, all while our students have benefited from an exceptional educational experience. I want to assure you that we are advocating for this community in every way possible. We have joined several other school districts in a lawsuit against the Department of Education in regards to this matter and continuously petition our elected officials to stress the consequences of this reduction in aid. The intent to fund school districts that had been underfunded over the past decade should not come at the expense of other students.

I urge you to contact our local elected officials and press them to change the school funding plan outlined in S2 (we have included their names and addresses following this letter). We will continue to keep you updated about this situation as it progresses.




Charles B. Sampson

Superintendent of Schools