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MNHS Seniors Win AT&T’s Cybersecurity Competition

A team of four Manalapan High School seniors won AT&T’s Cybersecurity Experience Capture the Flag Competition. The student team included Shreyas Selvaraj, Brian Cherin, Claudia MacRae, and William Kang. All four students are enrolled in the district’s Science & Engineering Magnet Program.

The competition set the following scenario for participants: The city's Internet of Things infrastructure is under attack by black hat hackers, and it is up to the white hat hackers (the participants) to correctly solve a series of security-themed challenges to regain control of the city. There were six challenge categories: security trivia, recon, net cat, cryptography, web, and think outside the box challenges.

The FRHSD Science & Engineering Magnet Program offers a four-year program of interdisciplinary studies for students interested in pursuing careers in mathematics, engineering, or the physical sciences. Students in this program undertake an accelerated program in mathematics, science, computer science, and electronics. In conjunction with specialized studies, students receive a comprehensive education in the humanities.  

The program includes opportunities for staff and students to interact with representatives from industry and institutions of higher learning in order to acquire an awareness of research methods, current applications, and career opportunities. These field experiences are coordinated with personal counseling which is designed to assist students in postsecondary plans. In the past few years, S&E students interned at companies such as Commvault, Festo Didactic, AT&T, Nokia-Bell Labs, Ocean First Bank, and PEC Telecom Solutions.  

S&E students are regularly admitted to prestigious colleges and universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, MIT, Cornell, Cooper Union, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, California Institute of Technology, University of California - Berkeley, and many others. After graduation, students have gone on to become professors at Princeton, Yale, Ecole Polytechnique, Federale de Lausanne, and The Cooper Union. Likewise, our alumni work at prestigious companies such as Google (16 alumni), Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Goldman-Sachs, Microsoft, Lucent, Princeton Plasma Lab, and AT&T.

Manalapan's team of four seniors won the AT&T Cybersecurity Experience Capture the Flag Competition