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Educators from Taiwan Hear Firsthand Accounts of Success in ESL Programs

Two seniors at Colts Neck High School recently presented to a group of educators visiting from Taiwan.  Juan Carlos Gutierrez Oseguera and Marco Anilus spoke to the group about their experiences as language learners.

Both young men explained how empowered they were to find the confidence to enter general education class after participating in the strong program at Colts Neck High School. The program provided them the tools to exit the ESL program after only two years.

Marco described being terrified to speak English when he first came to America in 2016. Now the young man is confident and fluent in English. Juan spoke about being the only person in his immediate family who is able to speak English. He described how his family relied on him to figure out living arrangements, bills, and assist in finding employment for them.

During the educators visit, both students escorted the group around to visit ESL, sheltered, and transitional classes at Colts Neck so they could see firsthand the methods used to teach students. After their visit to Colts Neck concluded, the group visited Freehold High School to experience lunch in the school’s Five Star Café.

Both Juan and Marco attribute their success to the ESL program at Colts Neck High School and are grateful to be spending their senior year in AP, honors, and academic level classes. After graduation, Marco plans to join the armed forces and Juan plans to attend Brookdale Community College.