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Message to the FRHSD Community

To the FRHSD Community, 

Thank you for your support as we launch the 2018-2019 school year! This year is the start of the rotating block schedule containing a unit lunch for all students.  Some student and parent concerns came to our attention following the first day of school and we were prepared to make adjustments as needed.  Please be assured that adequate seating is available for all students in various spaces in each school building.  Adjustments were made today to assist with traffic flow patterns in order to alleviate congestion in the hallways and to expedite the lunch distribution. Modifications will continue to be made as needed. Our transition to the rotating block schedule involved significant planning, including site visits to several high schools of comparable size to learn from their experiences. The rotating block schedule provides a superior academic experience for all students. Please visit the district’s website to learn more about the benefits of the schedule.  Thank you for your patience as we refine our plans following the first day of implementation.