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State Senator Speaks with MRHS Business Administration Students

Students in the Business Administration Magnet Program at Marlboro High School recently had a visit from state Sen. Vin Gopal. The senator spoke about his experiences as a small business owner as well as efforts across the state to help the business sector. He described how he has been working on reducing the amount of red tape business owners encounter when trying to start out.

During a question and answer session, students were particularly interested in how the senator became an entrepreneur. Sen. Gopal offered valuable guidance to those in the group looking to open their own businesses in the future.

The Business Administration Magnet Program offers a four-year program of study to students who wish to develop their interests in the areas of business and management. The program is focused through the study of targeted courses, which include finance, management, economics, law, and computer technology. Classroom activities are regularly augmented by guest lectures.

Students are encouraged to apply and practice the academic knowledge gained in the classroom through participation in various competitions sponsored by the Future Business Leaders of America and the Federal Reserve Bank. Some of these include the Euro Challenge, Fed Challenge, DECA, and FBLA, Team Ethics Challenge, and Consumer Bowl. In 2016, students placed fourth in the nation in the national FBLA Accounting I and Accounting II competitions. In 2017, students finished second in the National FBLA Accounting II competition and finished first in the Team Ethics Challenge. Also in 2017, our students finished in the top 13 in the Tri-State Area Euro and Fed Challenges. These co-curricular activities, as well as other opportunities afforded by our close proximity to financial and corporate institutions in the greater metropolitan area, play an integral role in students' personal and academic growth. Students will be prepared to attend a college or university with a foundation secured in human relations skills, rigorous academic training, and an appreciation for both social and ethical responsibility.

Business Administration Magnet Program students are regularly admitted to prestigious colleges and universities such as University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, Villanova, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Duke, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, and many others.

Senator Vin Gopal speaks with students at Marlboro High School