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State Legislators Speak with FTHS Students

With roots in the Freehold Township area, both state Senator Vin Gopal and Assemblywoman Joann Downey stopped by Freehold Township High School to speak with students in the Global Studies Magnet Program about the importance of getting involved in their communities.

Both legislators spoke about the paths that led them to pursue higher office. Assemblywoman Downey, who is a graduate of Freehold Township High School, told the assembled students that they might think they know where their future lies but sometimes life moves you in new directions. She encouraged them to take advantage of those opportunities.

Senator Gopal also spoke about how local and county government affects the daily lives of the students and their families. He explained that there are many aspects of government including school boards and county freeholders. Senator Gopal encouraged students who may want to get involved with government to work collaboratively with people, even if they have different political backgrounds.

Students asked for the legislators’ opinions on several topics including tax relief, net neutrality, and minimum wage.

Senator Vin Gopal and Assemblywoman Joann Downey speak with students