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FHS Junior Creates New Puzzle Game App

Zachary Isaacson Zachary Isaacson, a junior in the Computer Science Academy at Freehold High School, has spent the last six months creating a new app. “Laser Glow” is a puzzle game with over 40 challenging levels. The game requires the user to move blocks and mirrors to direct a laser to its target. The levels get progressively more difficult and new mechanics are introduced as users progress through the levels.

Zachary explained that it had taken him about three to four months to make the game itself, but the bigger challenge was making it compatible to the IOS platform, which took him another two to three months. Zachary said he was able to successfully create this app thanks to the skills he has developed in the Computer Science Academy and reading and watching tutorials online. Currently, “Laser Glow” has been downloaded more than 200 times and is available on both Apple and Android devices. Zachary’s goal is to reach 1,000 downloads. He plans on adding more levels to keep users engaged and playing the game.

The Computer Science Academy is a four-year program of study for students who wish to explore computer science or computer engineering as a career path. The purpose of the Academy is to provide students with the opportunity to undertake a disciplined approach to the study and application of computer science. Students will develop programming and other technical skills where application of scientific methods will yield the creation of high quality, computer-based solutions to real problems.