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Guest Speaker from Microsoft Meets Students at FHS

Heather Shapiro speaks to FHS students Heather Shapiro, a Technical Evangelist in Microsoft's Developer Experience group, educates developers on Microsoft's new technologies. In this role, Ms. Shapiro works closely with students and developer communities across the Northeast to understand the newest technologies and architectures.

Ms. Shapiro visited Freehold High School on January 30th to speak with students in the Computer Science Academy about how important guidance is to being successful in the technology field.

Ms. Shapiro explained that she has always been passionate about data science and machine learning but had no idea how to start. She was a member of several clubs at Duke University and used the resources around her to find mentors and make connections with professors across departments. She spoke to students about tips for success in a tech field (or college in general); ways to find the right mentors; what it takes to be a good mentor; and how having mentorship can lead to success.

The group also took a deep dive into some of the Cognitive Service APIs that are available from Microsoft that allow Ms. Shapiro to do more data science and machine learning work.

The Computer Science Academy at Freehold High School is a four-year program of study for students who wish to explore computer science or computer engineering as a career path. Students take at least one computer science course each year and a specialized mathematics course during the first two years of the program.

The purpose of the Academy is to provide students with the opportunity to undertake a disciplined approach to the study and application of computer science. Students will develop programming and other technical skills where application of scientific methods will yield the creation of high quality, computer-based solutions to real problems.

The goals of the Academy are to give students a solid and rigorous background in computer science principles and requisite mathematical skills to build proficiency in problem-solving techniques of computer science, and to provide graduates with the background and the skills necessary to continue their education in college or enter the workforce or military service.