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HHS Students Earn Several Spots to National TSA Conference

Howell's TSA competitorsSeventeen students from Howell High School qualified for the TSA (Technology Student Association) National Conference after their fantastic showing at the recent New Jersey TSA Conference held at The College of New Jersey. The students will visit Louisville, Kentucky in June to mingle with other competition winners from across the country.

The students qualified in the following categories:

Rusty Cocuzza, Animatronics

Nick Kral, Animatronics

Sophia Yodice, Animatronics

Dominic Barbella, Board Game Design

Laura Garces Garzon, Board Game Design

Sarah Mannik, Board Game Design

Emily Rible, Board Game Design

Marley Shepherd, Board Game Design and Forensic Science

Leah Troche, Board Game Design

Dante Morisi, Dragster Design

Emerson Paulman, Forensic Science

Michael Kenney, Future Technology Teacher

Toni Mannik, Photographic Technology

Emily Catalfano, Promotional Design

Thomas Campbell, Senior Solar Sprint

Brandon Reynaga, Senior Solar Sprint

Austin Perez, Video Game Design