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Freehold Township High School Establishes Alumni Association

On July 31st, Freehold Township High School’s new Alumni Association hosted its first official event - a golf outing at the Charleston Springs Golf Course with 36 alumni, staff and other friends of the school participating. For Adam Brusotti, Supervisor of Extracurricular Activities (SECA) at the high school, it marked the first of what will become regular events for the group.

“The outing was a long time coming,” Brusotti said. “When I became the SECA three years ago, one of my goals was to grow and improve the high school’s relationship with the community. One way I wanted to do that was by connecting with our past, our alumni.”

At the inaugural event, everything went according to plan: registration numbers met the established goal, the weather cooperated, and everyone walked away looking forward to next year’s edition.

“We move forward from here. The association is already laying the groundwork for next year’s golf outing and we want to host a 5K in the Fall,” Brusotti said.  

This is just another piece of the community partnership Freehold Township has established since Brusotti assumed the SECA position before the 2016-2017 school year.

“I am proud of what we have done. For the last two years, we have had student-athletes from the high school volunteer at the Freehold Senior Center during their holiday functions and also hosted the Freehold Township Education Association’s Harlem Wizards fundraiser. Freehold is a family community and I want to make sure that we are connecting to our future students and to our past as well. Working together, we can achieve so much more and I am excited to see what we can accomplish,” Brusotti said.

In addition to increasing the membership of this new Alumni Association, Freehold Township High School is also looking to collect recommendations for alumni to be considered for the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame.

“We would like to get more Distinguished Alumni nominations from the community since we have thousands of Freehold Township alumni out there. These past students are doing amazing things that we may not know about and they should be considered for this honor,” Brusotti said.

Brusotti is the contact person for both the Alumni Association and the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. He can be reached at and welcomes contact about either initiative. Alumni sending e-mails to join the Alumni Association listserv should include their name (maiden name, where applicable), year of graduation, and activities involved in during high school. Nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame should include a resume for the nominee. Brusotti encourages members of what he calls the “Patriot Nation” to get in touch with the high school.

“The hope is that the word spreads. We have alumni coast to coast and I am sure internationally. But, once a Patriot, always a Patriot. You can always go home again.”