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Staff Spotlight - Jessica Marshall

Jessica MarshallEvery year, teachers and educational professionals from each Freehold Regional High School District school are selected to be honored in the Monmouth County Governor's Educator of the Year Program. We are recognizing each of the 2023-2024 recipients in a Staff Spotlight series. For our final week, we highlight Jessica Marshall, a math teacher at Marlboro High School.

Ms. Marshall has been a math teacher at Marlboro High School for the past 21 years. Throughout her career, she has been a class advisor, financial manager since 2012, the Freehold Regional Education Association treasurer since 2011, and currently serves as the co-head girls' tennis coach.  Before becoming the head coach, Ms. Marshall was a volunteer assistant for ten years under Dave Kretzmer for both the girls and the boys' seasons.

When her name was announced as Educator of the Year, Ms. Marshall said she was completely shocked and honored at the same time. 

"I work with amazing people who push each other to be the best teachers that we can be. I am proud to be called this year’s teacher of the year at Marlboro,she said. 

When asked about her greatest accomplishments in teaching, she noted that dispelling the myth of "math is my worst subjectstands out. 

"That moment, when a student who didn’t believe in themselves, realizes that they too, can do this, makes teaching that much more meaningful. Not only am I proud of those students, they are proud of themselves,she described, noting that when that student begins to succeed and thrive, their world opens to new opportunities. 

"Math is not going to be everyone’s favorite subject, but I can do my best to make my class their favorite part of the day, or at least one of them. I want my students to feel supported and challenged. I spend a great deal of time building relationships with my students that foster an environment of trust,Ms. Marshall said. 

Asked to reveal her advice to new staff, Ms. Marshall said teaching is one of the most rewarding careers. 

"We have the opportunity to help students grow as people and inspire them to pursue paths of greatness. It is important to understand the ever-changing nature of education. Each year is a new year. You teach the students you have. Lessons change according to the needs of the current students. Teaching is not a one-person show. It takes a community to support these students. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students working together is what education is about,she said.