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MRHS Sophomore Organizes TedxYouth@Manalapan Event

Rachel Osias, a sophomore at Marlboro High School, was looking for ways to get involved and take initiative in her community. After doing some research, Rachel decided to apply for a TedxYouth license and created TedxYouth@Manalapan.

TedxYouth@Manalapan was held earlier this month and its theme was Lead by Example. The event was dedicated to highlighting successful voices with lives that challenge the status quo. From cooking to personal finance to anti-bullying campaigns, TedxYouth@Manalapan explored what it means to be a youth leader. The overall mission was to inspire Gen Zs and Millennials to take initiative and create change in their communities.

To create this event, Rachel developed a board, interviewed and contacted speakers, and marketed and oversaw the entirety of the event.