Welcome to the Freehold Regional High School District

  • FRHSD SealThe FRHSD is located in western Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA. Our sending schools cover an area of over 200 square miles. We educate approximately 10,400 students in our six high schools.

    Western Monmouth County, New Jersey, was originally settled in the seventeenth century. The field of the Battle of Monmouth, which occurred in 1778, is within the district's borders. Life in Monmouth County, however, has been much quieter throughout most of the region's history. Our county has primarily been a farming community, and also a chief source of marl and other resources. Over time, however, western Monmouth County has experienced tremendous residential growth. A large percentage of its residents are business owners and professionals, and many commute to New York City. The Freehold Regional High School District serves students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

    We place a high priority on student performance and staff accountability. More than 87 percent of our students pursue higher education, including the most prestigious colleges in the nation. At all of the high schools, SAT scores consistently exceed state and national averages.

    The curriculum at each of our high schools is the same for all academic subjects. Every effort is made to keep special education students in district; a variety of in-class support, resource center, and self-contained programs are conducted.

    Twelve specialized Magnet Programs are located throughout the district; all 8th-grade students from a sending school in our district are eligible to apply. Admission is competitive. If selected, students attend the school where the program is housed.  Colts Neck is home to the Law & Public Service program and the Naval Junior ROTC program.  Freehold High School has three programs:  Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management, Computer Science, and Medical Sciences.  At Freehold Township High School, the Animal & Botanical Sciences program and the Global Studies program are offered.  Howell High School is home to the Fine & Performing Arts, as well as the Humanities program.  Manalapan High School houses the Science & Engineering program and the Law Enforcement & Public Safety program.  Finally, Marlboro High School contains the Business Administration magnet. The district also offers the IB Diploma Programme at Freehold Township and Howell High Schools. 


    Mission Statement: The schools of the Freehold Regional High School District form a diverse and supportive community offering innovative and comprehensive programs that inspire students to maximize their potential, preparing them to navigate an evolving global society.

    Core Values: In the Freehold Regional High School District we BELIEVE our schools provide students with:

    • A safe, orderly, and supportive environment.
    • Opportunities and access to learn and grow, leading to preparedness for desired outcomes, including readiness for college and career.
    • Programs and initiatives that guide their academic, co-curricular, and post-secondary goals.
    • Necessary support, academically, socially, and emotionally, to achieve their full potential as a student and as a productive citizen.
    • Invaluable tools, skills, and real-world experiences provided by community partners and connections, which reinforce classroom learning and contextualize it in the world that awaits them after their formal schooling is completed.
    • Participation in learning marked by collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.
    • The ability to recognize and embrace diversity for students to successfully navigate a global

    FRHSD Profile of a Graduate:

    • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in each of the content areas which will prepare students to pursue and achieve their desired college and career outcomes. 
    • Exhibit social, emotional, and relational competencies to collaborate, self-advocate, and communicate effectively. 
    • Apply critical thinking skills to independently navigate and address challenges as a responsible citizen. 
    • Demonstrate resilience, self-reflection, and continual growth.

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