• The directions for properly having the forms filled out is as follows :

    Part A : Filled out and signed by your parent/guardian.

    Part B : Filled out and signed by the employer. (Yes, this section MUST BE completed BEFORE the school processes them.)

    Part C : Must be completed and signed off by your physician UNLESS you have either had working papers before or have a sports physical on file. In those two instances, the school will also complete part C.

    Part D : If you are students of the school we have copies of your birth certificate and will use that as proof of age. If you are not a student of Marlboro High School please provide one of the proofs stated on the form.

    Part E & F are the school portions... THERE IS A SPACE FOR STUDENT SIGNATURE IN SECTION F, please do not forget to sign this section.

    Once ALL of the steps, including the student signature in Section F, are complete, you can email these papers to martransreq@frhsd.com, and we will complete the school portions and keep a copy for our records and for the state offices. We will then return the completed copy for you to return to the employer.

    Working papers MUST BE obtained when there are changes in place of employment or if there is a break in employment (for example, for a summer job working papers must be obtained every year.) Please email with any questions or concerns.