The Science and Engineering Learning Center

  • Science and Technology
    Dr. Adam Angelozzi, Principal
    732-792-7200 Ext. 5001

    The Science and Engineering Specialized Learning Center, located at Manalapan High School, offers a four-year program of interdisciplinary studies for gifted students interested in pursuing careers in mathematics, engineering, or the physical sciences. StudentsSAT achievement in this learning center undertake an accelerated program in mathematics, science, computer science, and electronics. In conjunction with specialized studies, students receive a comprehensive education in the humanities. Final approval for enrollment in the Learning Center is contingent upon the successful completion of Algebra 1 with a grade of B or better by the end of the eighth grade, as evidenced by the middle school transcript.

    The program includes opportunities for staff and students to interact with representatives from industry and institutions of higher learning in order to acquire an awareness of research methods, current applications, and career opportunities. These field experiences are coordinated with personal counseling which is designed to assist students in postsecondary plans.
    Program of Study