The Business Administration Learning Center

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    Mrs. Elena Andreacci, Assistant Principal
    732-617-8393 Ext. 6006

    The Business Administration Learning Center, currently located at Marlboro High School, offers a four-year program of study to a limited number of academically motivated students who wish to develop their interests in the areas of business and management. The SAT achievement program is focused through the study of targeted courses, which include finance, management, economics, law, and computer technology. Classroom activities are regularly augmented by guest lectures, field experiences, and close affiliations with business and industry. Enrollment in and successful completion of Algebra 1 with a B average or higher, as evidenced by the middle school transcript, is a pre-requisite.

    Students are encouraged to apply and practice the academic knowledge gained in the classroom through participation in various competitions sponsored by the Future Business Leaders of America and the Federal Reserve Bank. These co-curricular activities, as well as other opportunities afforded by our close proximity to financial and corporate institutions in the greater metropolitan area, play an integral role in students’ personal and academic growth. Students will be prepared to attend a college or university with a foundation secured in human relations skills, rigorous academic training, and an appreciation for both social and ethical responsibility.
    Program of Study