• The Marlboro High School Guidance Department provides transcripts both for current MHS students as well as graduates of MHS.  Current students must obtain the necessary form to request a transcript from the MHS Guidance Department Office (found on Naviance) and must return the completed form in person.

    Graduates of MHS can simply submit a written request (including name while at MHS, year of graduation, and address where the transcript should be mailed to) or print the Transcript Request Form.  Parents of MHS graduates can also request a transcript be sent by printing the Parental Transcript Request Form.  The completed form can be emailed to the Guidance Office at martransreq@frhsd.com, faxed to (732) 536-9623, or mailed to:

    Marlboro High School Guidance Department, 95 N. Main St., Marlboro, NJ  07746

    When completing forms to be faxed or mailed, be sure to complete all items on the form and include the complete name and address of where you want the transcript sent to.  Please note that offical transcripts can only be sent to colleges, universities, or employers.  Only non-official transcripts can be sent to the student themselves.