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  • Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction Department for the Freehold Regional High School District! The Curriculum and Instruction Department is committed to developing programs and initiatives that promote student learning and academic success, leading to college and career readiness. Please utilize the links on the left hand side of this page to navigate the resources related to Curriculum and Instruction, including important information about each of the content areas.

    Curriculum is developed in collaboration with the school community in order to provide modern learning experiences for students.  They incorporate opportunities for students to develop important college and career readiness skills essential in a complex global society: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. All curricula are aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and incorporate student-centered instructional practices that are challenging, meaningful, and relevant, respecting students’ individual learning needs.The FRHSD ensures equitable access to the curriculum for all students, with opportunities for students to challenge themselves over their high school career as they work towards achieving their potential. We provide bias-free, barrier-free access for all students to all facilities, courses, programs, activities and services, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectation, sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability or socioeconomic status. Dr. Shanna Howell, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, is the Affirmative Action Officer for Curriculum/Classroom Practices. She can be contacted at 732-792-7300, extension 8529.

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    Classical & World Languages
    English Language Arts
    Family & Consumer Sciences
    Health & Physical Education
    International Baccalaureate (Freehold Township and Howell only)
    Social Studies

    A diverse and rich district curriculum is available for students to satisfy high school graduation requirements and to select elective courses offering the opportunity for exploration of individual interests and abilities. Students and parents should consider the ability of the student to balance the rigor of classroom with the demands of commitments outside the classroom. We urge students to utilize this course selection worksheet to guide their planning for their high school career. All curricular offerings are subject to budgetary, staffing, and enrollment limitations. The district offers courses and programs only as budgets and other factors allow, and may alter or even cancel offerings as circumstances dictate.

    Unique to FRHSD are the twelve Magnet Programs that incoming freshmen can apply to during their last year in middle school.  These four-year programs allow students to pursue their passions in particular fields of study and career interests. Students and faculty join together to form a unique learning community located within the comprehensive high school setting. All programs include in-depth study of targeted courses on an advanced level, with many courses meeting the requirements of Advanced Placement or college-level work. Programs prepare students to directly enter the workforce, or attend a post-secondary technical program, or attend a two-or four-year college.

    FRHSD offers 23 different Advanced Placement courses, which require students to perform at a college level of proficiency. Enrollment in AP courses also fosters self-motivation, builds confidence, encourages responsibility, and allows students to embrace what it means and what it takes to be "college-ready." AP enrollment may favorably impact college enrollment decisions and can trigger scholarship opportunities.  You can find more information about AP courses in each of the content area sections of this course catalog, and by visiting the College Board's website for AP students.

    FRHSD recognizes that learning can and should follow many paths, some of which travel outside of the traditional classroom. If students wish to take an extra class or one not offered at the FRHSD, we provide avenues for students through our IPLO (Individualized Pupil Learning Opportunity) process. IPLOs allow students to earn credits, fulfill graduation requirements, and advance by taking classes with accredited educational providers either online or face-to-face. Advance approval is required.

    Likewise, we recognize that some pupils are engaged in athletic, interscholastic, or other programs of vigorous physical activity, allowing for achievement of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Such pupils may, pursuant to rules of the State Board of Education, be excused from the required enrollment in a physical education course, while still earning physical education credit. The Option II program requires students to apply in the spring each year.

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