Senior Driving Privilege

  • Senior Driving Privilege (all forms will be activated in August).

    Freehold High School seniors annually apply for their parking privilege.

    In order to complete the application process, please pay attention to the following requirements:

    1. A parking registration application must be completed. This can now be done electronically at: online parking registration. All information must be submitted carefully. Any errors may delay your tag distribution. Please download the  checklist/signature page for the online registration. 

    2. The following must be provided before obtaining a parking pass: Copies of your vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, and driver's license.

    All students who have their driver's license as of September 8th and who will be parking in our lot, need to fill out the online parking registrationand bring the completed checklist/signature page  to the security officers. Parking tags will be distributed beginning in September through the school year. A tag is only provided to those students who meet all of the above requirements. All school fines must be paid before the parking pass can be issued.  Additionally, students may apply during the school year by seeing a security officer.

    Parking tags will be distributed to seniors who have filled out an online form.

    Tag distribution TBD.

    An email will be sent to all seniors and parents.