Senior Driving Privilege

  • Dear Parent and Senior Student of the Class of 2023:

    Congratulations on reaching another milestone in your high school career!  Next year, as a senior,  you are eligible to obtain student parking. 

    In order to maintain a secure and safe environment that is fair to all students, it is important that you review the parking procedures and guidelines listed below and in the linked locations and tabs to the left.  

    1. Parking at Marlboro High School is a SENIOR privilege. The FRHSD Senior Driving Privileges/Campus Vehicle Procedures can be found HERE. This information must be reviewed prior to applying for parking privileges.
    2. The limited number of spaces available requires that seniors who wish to park on campus must find a partner, unless they are enrolled in senior leave or Brookdale. Please submit your partner's name when filling out the parking application.
    3. In order to apply for parking, students should ensure that all fines owed to Marlboro High School must be satisfied prior to the issuance of a parking permit (hang tag).
    4. Follow these steps to apply for parking in the 2022-2023 school year:
      1. All students and parents must review the FRHSD Driver Safety Awareness Website
      2. Students must complete the 2022-2023 Parking Application Google Form.  This form can be found HERE.  (Students must be logged into their FRHSD accounts to access the form). 
      3. Be prepared to submit the following documentation in the Google form:
        1. A picture* of  a valid New Jersey driver’s license.  If a student does not yet have a license, the Google Form should STILL be completed online.  
        2. A picture* of current registration of the vehicle(s) being driven to school; AND
        3. A picture* of the current insurance card for the vehicle(s) being driven to school.
      4. If this documentation is not yet available, when it is available, the student is responsible for providing the document(s) via email to 

    Parking tags WILL NOT be issued unless ALL documentation is turned in. 

    You will receive an email in August detailing dates and times for parking tag pick up.

     Please note that these rules are subject to revision when the change affects the safety and security of the school.  Any questions related to parking for the Class of 2023 can be directed to (x6003) or

    *A picture refers to jpeg or PDF only. No other file type will be accepted.