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  • Freehold Township High School Freehold Township School is one of six high schools in the Freehold Regional High School District. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the New Jersey Department of Education, the Patriot school community was created in 1972. Situated on 110 acres in western Monmouth County, the comprehensive academic program provides educational opportunities for all in accordance with individual needs, interests, and abilities. School enrollment approximated at 2,230 for the year.

    The educational program at Freehold Township High School encompasses more than 180 courses, organized in thirteen different academic disciplines. Township houses programs unique to the Freehold Regional High School District. The Global Studies Learning Center, PEP--an employment orientation program for developmentally disabled students, and the Animal and Botanical Sciences Academy are offered. The total educational program offered at Freehold Township High School introduces and reinforces common learning, while also providing access to exploratory, enrichment, and specialized courses of study in accordance with state standards and graduation requirements. Advanced Placement courses are offered in sixteen areas. A comprehensive, developmental school counseling program provides career, academic and social- emotional programs, as well as individual and group counseling, to assist students in reaching their full potential.

    Students have historically scored well on the New Jersey High School Proficiency Assessment, the Scholastic Achievement Test, the PSAT and in the Advanced Placement testing program. In the 2008 National Merit Scholarship Program eight students were Commended Scholars and one student was named as a Semi-finalist and one student honored as a Finalist. Approximately 94% of the class of 2009 is pursuing further education at a college, university, trade, or technical school. Members of the graduating class earned over $12.8 million in scholarships, grants, and financial aid. In addition, members of the class earned $147,000. during the senior year in the work-study program sponsored by the school.

    The student activity program at Freehold Township High School includes a variety of clubs that are related to and support the various academic offerings. These programs are essential and integral to the delivery of the total educational program.

    An expanded Peer Leadership program supports peer mediation, new student orientation and the ninth grade transition project. The school chapters of Octagon and the Junior State of America (JSA) provide students with an opportunity to study and become involved with political issues on the local, national, and international scenes. The FFA Chapter, transferred to this school from Freehold High School in 1972, is the oldest chapter in the State of New Jersey. All of the clubs, student publications, organizations and societies that exist form part of the student activity program and combine with the excellent academic program of the school and district, to define the total curriculum at Freehold Township High School.

    The activity program also includes a full complement of interscholastic varsity sports. Many team and individual championships have been won over the years. Our sports teams compete in the highly competitive A-North Division of the Shore Conference. During the 2008-2009 school year Freehold Township High School captured 8 division championships, 3, Monmouth County Championships, 2 overall Shore Conference Championships, 2 Central Jersey Group IV team championships. 8 individuals or members of relay teams also won Central Jersey Group IV Championships during the 2008-2009 season. Our student activities program consists of over 60 clubs and activities that are active both in the school community and in the local community. Several of our programs, such as our local SADD chapter who have helped spearhead New Jersey’s Teen Driver Safety Initiative, and our Consumer Bowl Team who are two times defending state champions have brought us recognition at the state level. Our student activity programs are recognized as some of the best in the state as evidenced by our JSA chapter being named NJ Chapter of the Year for the 2008-2009 school year, as well as our forensics program that annually wins top prizes at state and national competitions. Students at Freehold Township participate in a well-rounded extracurricular program.

    The Freehold Township High School Patriot Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is the umbrella parent organization for the school. The PTO contributes to the total educational community, promoting student success, and honoring student achievements in many different ways. Recognition awards, the presentation of seven annual scholarships, mini-grants to teachers, and the donation of equipment and services are just some of the ways in which parents have actively supported the total school program. Parental involvement is both valued and encouraged. Under the auspices of the PTO, The Principal’s Advisory Committee, The Music Parents Association, The Football Parents’ Club, The Wrestling Parents, The Lacrosse Parents, and other special interest groups formed to support specific student activities.

    The Patriot school community is committed to providing unique and challenging educational opportunities for each student. A variety of instructional settings, classroom arrangements, teaching styles, assessment strategies, and student activities are utilized to make this goal attainable. An enthusiastic and supportive community, ongoing curriculum revision and expansion, meaningful staff development, and other educational initiatives combine to foster and create a challenging and dynamic educational program for all at Freehold Township High School.

    2012-2013 NJ Department of Education Performance Report

Regular Bell Schedule

  • Period 1 8:25 - 9:15

    Period 2 9:20 - 10:07

    Period 3 10:12 - 10:40

    Period 4 10:45 - 10:59

    Period 5 11:04 - 11:32

    Period 6 11:37 - 11:51

    Period 7 11:56 - 12:24

    Period 8 12:29 - 12:43

    Period 9 12:48 - 1:16

    Period 10 1:21 - 2:08

    Period 11 2:13 - 3:00

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