MHS Model UN Achievements

  • At the 47th Annual YMCA Model United Nations Conference held at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center from 1/5-1/7, the Marlboro Delegation won the following thirteen awards and elected positions out of a delegation of 44 students:

    1. Outstanding Delegation Award – Marlboro High School

    Citation- a title given to the entirety of a delegation on their road to the conference. Eligibility to receive this award is based on the prudence in which deadlines are fulfilled and the number of awards received.

    11th Grade Students

    1. David Buneta –Elected as the 48th “Secretary General” for 2018-2019 

    The Secretary General is the chief executive of the Youth Model United Nations and is an elected junior in high school at the previous year’s conference to serve their term as a senior in high school. The Secretary General has a variety of responsibilities, including coordinating the efforts of the 40 elected officers from delegations serving more than 2,000 young people from, across the Mid-Atlantic United States (spanning from the New York to DC metro areas). He is responsible for directing and coordinating, MUN education directives, volunteering, and advertising. He is responsible for developing the discussion topics for each Model UN committee and the Annual Conference theme for next year. He mediates all disputes at conference. He was elected by the entirety of the Model UN annual conference of 48 attending delegation and nearly 2,500 students. The winner represent not only their delegation but their school as well, seeing that they set the policy for the Youth Model UN or the coming year and year-ending conference.


    1. Shiza Munsar – Elected as “Committee Chair / MUN Officer” of Middle East and North African Summit
    2. Emma Chin – awarded “Outstanding Country Research Paper” of Asia-Pacific Summit
    3. Ryan Corbin – awarded “Outstanding Country, United Kingdom” of Group of Twenty (G20)
    4. Saad Farghani – awarded “Outstanding Country, United Kingdom” of General Assembly C
    5. Samil Jain - Awarded “Outstanding Country, Australia” of Council of Economic Advancement A ; “Premier Delegate of Council of Economic Advancement A
    6. Alex Ngo -Awarded “Outstanding Country Research Paper” of Political and Security A ; “Outstanding Country, Germany” of Political and Security
    7. Nishi Patel – Awarded “Outstanding Country Research Paper” of Middle East and North African Summit 
    8. Krishna Talamati - Awarded “Outstanding Country, United Kingdom” of Security Council

    10th Grade Students

    1. Mahadhi Balaji – Awarded “Premiere First Year Delegate” of ICC B
    2. David Lee –Awarded “Outstanding Country, United Kingdom” of General Assembly B
    3. Hannah Zwirn - Awarded “Premiere First Year Delegate” of Historical Security Council B


    “Outstanding Country Research Paper” - Awarded to the delegate that wrote the most informational and innovative country research paper in their respective committee. Delegates spend about a month’s worth of time writing these documents that are meant to inform their committee chairs on how informed they are on their country as well as their committee topics. Committee chairs spend the entirety of December and the days leading up to conference reading every single CRP, often ranging from 20-100 submitted assignments, and then picking one.

    “Premier First Year Delegate” - an award presented to one prominent and well-spoken delegate in each committee that is attending the Model United Nations conference for the first time. Preparation is vital in receiving this award, as committee chairs and college advisors are looking out for first-year delegates that speak well and encourage others.

    “Premiere Country” - an award presented to a select group of individuals who, during country caucus, efficiently worked on outlining their country’s stance on human rights, the conference theme. Country Caucus is an assembly of a country’s representatives from different committees who came together to outline the various stances that their country has on economic, social, and political issues.

    “Premier Delegate” - a title given to the most prominent and well-spoken delegate within a single committee that worked on embodying the four core values of the YMCA: honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility. The number of years attended does not determine the eligibility for receiving this reward. The committee chair and college advisor narrow down the candidates receiving this award down to three people. After that, the committee will vote on their top choice via a ballot system.

    “Committee Chair / MUN Officer” - a position that heads an entire committee varying in size from 20-100 delegates, that decides upon the agenda and committee topics to talk about during the MUN conference. This position is also meant to work to further the agenda of the Secretary General with fellow officer members. To acquire such a position, an election takes place, where delegates volunteer via an application to give a speech during their committee. The speech given, is meant to encompass why one should be a part of the YMCA MUN Officer Corp. and through a ballot system, the committee in which a delegate is running for, votes upon the top three candidates that they believe are most qualified. The winner is then announced during the closing ceremony and will work for an entire year from March 2018 to January 2019 on setting up next year’s conference.


    Description of the Youth Model UN Program

    The YMCA Model UN Program (Y-MUN) is a unique Model UN experience that serves more than 2,000 young people annually across the Mid-Atlantic United States (spanning from the New York to DC metro areas). The conference is youth-driven due to its planning and execution by high school students for high school students, providing an unprecedented simulation of the UN that highlights the themes of collaboration, cultural understanding, and problem solving that are at the core of the organization’s real-life goals. The organization helps students develop their debate skills and find their voice, but in a one-of-a-kind conference, that brings together servant leadership, public speaking, and global problem solving rather than a singular emphasis on debate.  The mission is simple – build the global leaders of tomorrow, today.