Out-of-District Credit Recovery

  • In most cases, you must submit this application at least 25 calendar days prior to start of any experience. We recognize that, in some situations (e.g., summer school for a failed course), this is not possible. Since we process each application on a case-by-case basis, we urge you to submit your application as early as possible in these situations. We cannot guarantee the approval of any application.

    The district maintains a list of "recognized providers" for online and traditional coursework. While you may apply for credit recovery through a provider that does not appear on the list, doing so may delay the processing of your application. We strongly urge you to thoroughly investigate the providers and choose the one that best fits your child's needs, budget, and technological expertise.

    Most credit recovery scenarios require experiences of at least 60 hours, though some (withdrawal of credit due to excessive absence, for example) require experiences at least 120 hours. Please check with your child's guidance counselor before completing the application for more information.

    Completion of a credit recovery course will appear on the student's transcript. It will show both the failing and the new grade, with both computing into the student's grade-point average.

    Students approved for credit recovery opportunities do not need to take a final exam if they pursue the course through a recognized provider, but are still responsible for completing any required state-wide assessments, including end-of-course assessments.

    Applications are sent to the Guidance Supervisor of your child's school. Refer any follow-up questions to him or her.

    Complete the form here to begin the process of applying for credit recovery course approval. We will contact you to secure additional required documentation and/or to discuss additional requirements. Please see FRHSD BOE Policy #5460 and Regulation #5460 for more information.

    Fill out one application per course request.