Committed to Teen Driver Safety

  • Traffic Light The Freehold Regional High School District is committed to teen driver safety. The district strives to help teen drivers consider the real consequences of their choices: from losing a license and/or insurance coverage to losing relationships, mobility, or even their lives. In order to apply for a high school parking permit for the senior year, 11th grade students and their parents must attend FRHSD Driver Safety workshops. Workshops for students take place during the school day. An evening safety awareness workshop just for parents is a unique feature of the FRHSD program. It includes tips to teach children how to be responsible drivers. Parents must attend each year that they have 11th graders in our schools, even if they have participated in previous years.

    Workshops for 11th grade students and their parents typically take place in the spring of each school year. The current schedule is attached to the bottom of this page, and also appears on our calendar. Please contact us if you have any questions about this school year's schedule.

    The FRHSD's teen driver safety program received the New Jersey Safety Council’s Beacon of Safety Award for “outstanding and continuous achievement in advancing safety and health.” By coupling the teen driver safety program with the traditional driver’s education course, the FRHSD has taken a proactive role in persuading student drivers to take responsibility for their driving practices and behavior. The program has also been recognized by the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey as a "Champion Schools" program.

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